How many records are stored in my TinyDB?

Greetings forum members, this time I have a question. I would like to know what would be the block to determine how many records are stored in my TinyDB, and each time I save a new record, the total is updated.
I have tried with a global variable set to zero
then I put this variable with get + 1
and then in a label I put the global variable get to know how much it turns out but that is where I get ... I don't know how to associate it with the TinyDB
I await your generous comments.
Thanks in advance

what is a record? A tag?
if yes, use lthe length of list block from the list drawer together with TinyDB.GetTags


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Thank you, I want to know how much data there is, ... example, ... Carlos, Andres, Jose, Jhon, ..
So the result would be = 4

This block does not work as I expect

Do all your tinydb tags contain lists ?

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Where are they stored in TinyDB?

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Excellent, it works perfect !! I am truly very grateful

The truth is that I have a problem there, ... because despite saving in the TinyDB, only a first use of screen1 where I put for example 6 records, the 6 records are seen on screen2, but when I return to screen1 and I add more items, .. I go back to screen 2, I don't see more than 6 records but only 1 can be seen

can be seen where?
And did you expect it to keep up to date by magic?

Here I upload the aia file, please enter some data (each record is Reference, Name, and address)
Then try screen 2, then go back and put another piece of data and you will see the error, .. the other records disappear and only one is seen

ListviewTinyDB_V2.aia (7.2 KB)

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You failed to take into account that all global variables are cleared when you switch screens.

P.S. You also switch Screens improperly.



Thanks, I don't really know how to solve that problem ... Also the link to the FAQs came out like this ...

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