How do you upload a web map in our app in MIT App Inventor?

We want to insert our web map in our app in MIT App Inventor and we can't find any way so we need your help!!
We have designed our map in ArcGIS Pro and its uploaded as a web map on ArcGIS Online and requires an account to be able to access it.
We have seen tutorials about how to insert a map in MIT App Inventor with a link from google maps but this solution seem not to be working for us.
Does anyone knows any other work around on how we will be able to included in our app?
Thank in advance!!!!

If it is an "online" map, can you display it, and interact with it, using a webview ?

Thank you for taking the time to look into it , we have tried this option but our goal is for our map to be displayed directly on the app as google map show.

It will be if you use the webviewer component :question: - assuming you can "just display the map"....

Provide a link to an example "map" ?

Consider making a FeatureCollection of your ArcGIS map. Load load the FeatureCollection to your Project using the MIT Map component.

A tutorial showing one way to make a map overlay is in two parts

This is a 'work around' that might work for your Project that will work with the LocationSenser or without.

Evidently it might be possible to export your ArcGIS map directly as a FeatureCollection