How do you style listview elements in such a beautiful manner?

Hello there!

Please explain how to style listview elements in such a beautiful manner:

I want to use listview component.

It would be great to design elements of list using following parts:

  • Background of element panel
  • Rounded corners of element panel
  • Button
  • One or more pictures
  • One or more labels

If there isn't a way to do it may be some tricks and workarounds exist

Use dynamic component extension

Eg, how to use it,

Listview Examples with CompCreator

Closing, also asked on Kodular and Niotron. Ask on the community for the variant you are working with.

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This is a workaround you can try ...

Don't succumb to the temptation of replicating your first beautiful Arrangement more than a small number of times. Add the scroll mechanism as given, or customize it to look better. If you get visually greedy, your AI2 sessions will slow down.