🟪 Card Style Listview using Dynamic Components Extension


This demo uses the Dynamic Components extension by Yusuf Cihan, to create a card style listview for AppInventor 2.

Dynamic Card Style Listview

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Horiz and Vert Dynamic Listviews


With the latest version of Yusuf's extension, it is now possible to reverse the order of the cards after creating them, so that with a chat type project, you can have the latest post at the top, instead of hidden at the bottom


where is aia file???

Scroll to bottom of page in link:

Dynamic Card Style Listview

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After click on download aia. it provide me video download link.

Oops !!

Try now, link fixed (you may need to refresh your web page view if you have the site open)

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what should i use for "space" for dynamic list view?

Where do you want the "space" ?

my card style is look like this

i want this type

i got the problem and solved it.

Hello Sir, i want to add an search text box to find the items and show it in the card style list view
How can i do it ?

you are showing your cards from a list of data, right?
then for search function, you just need to filter the list and show cards again.

There is a new block for filter the list in the List drawer.

ok sir i will try.
should i use another arrangement for showing cards? will it be good ?

its up to you. Normally we use same arrangement.

Sir today my app is released on the playstore and within one hour 280 users have installed it and the dynamic list view is lagging too much. what should i do so that there will be no lag? is there any solution?

how many cards are you showing in the loop?

As 280 users so 279 cards

If you have images to load in the cards, use an extension to load the image asynchronously.

or do not use a for loop, but use clock.Timer to show the cards, set interval like 100ms.

or only load about 20 cards, if scroll to bottom, load another 20. (do we have an 'reach bottom' event? maybe, I don't know that.)

same image for all cards and the image is an asset. my clock interval is 50 ms.

how to do it? any idea pls

use @ColinTree 's VerticalScrollHandler extension, which have an event 'ReachBottom'

this seems good but how to only show 20 items then again 20 items. please give some idea