How do you remove AI2HELPER?


Some months back I found and installed a very helpful browser tool that I believe was based on the Chrome tampermonkey extension. It modified the green project bar to look something like this:

Some sequence of events which I will not be able to describe, including some fumble fingering here and there, has resulted in something different:

Note the addition of the "AI2HELPER" button on the far right.

My first question is: How do I remove this button along with its functionality?

My second would be: How do I recover the preferred, previous functionaliy with the search bar and buttons next to "Blocks:?

I have searched but only find references to installing AI2HELPER, but nothing on removing it? Perhaps I should remove tampermonkey, but there may be other dependents which I do not wish to disturb :frowning:

Any and all comments and ideas are welcome!

Kind regards,

Here are the original and updated announcements:

Do you want to remove AI2HELPER?or just restore the previous version?
For remove:

for restore previous version:
then choose the history to 0.6.2

Hi Kevinkun,

Thanks for the detailed illustrated post. I do believe this will answer my questions! However, I can't get it's full value to guide me to a solution without English graphics :frowning:


PS I now think hat what I must have done is upgrade to he latest version.

Sorry i don't have an English version image, but i think the icon can help you, it should be same in Chinese version and English version.

Sorry i don't have an English version image>

No problem, Kevinkun!

Actually, now that I understand what has happened - I have installed the updated version - and I have used it, I LIKE IT!! So I will be leaving things the way they are :slight_smile:

And I am very appreciative for your work in building this extension. Many/most of us are accustomed to coding using a source code text editor of some kind. Searching and finding (or using imbedded links) code is very important. The AI2HELPER does a great job!

Kind regards,