How do you make app to show specific data from spreadsheet

how do i make so that i could choose 1 name from class (tahun6) the list in the spreadsheet, and then it will show me the number of merits from the spreadsheet.

so it work like this. click a class button(tahun6), choose a name from list, when chosen, a label or 2 label will appear and show name chosen and merits at the side.

Are you using the build-in Spreadsheet component?
if yes, you can

read the sheet data, you will get list, lookup the name in column tahun6, get the index, pick the item from column merit according to the index.

here is a procedure like vlookup in Excel:
procedure draggable


Firstly, don't store your data like this:


Store all records the same:


then you can more easily query the data by name/class/values

where do i type these

and whats the last number 1,3,2,4 stand for?

i read that using spreadheets component needs Google Sheets API.
In order to utilize this component, one must first have a Google Developer Account. doesnt google Developer account need to pay. i was hoping for free as im still learning

Sorry, let me add the header row:


these would be the rows in your spreadsheet.

No, you do not need to pay for a google development account, follow the instructions provided

I use the Spreadsheet component for updating sheets and have never been asked for a credit card nor any money.

Ow... Similar like the spinnerID that i learnt from u right?

So do i put it as the first worksheet of the spreadsheet like last time?

You can if that is what you want to do ...

When you call the data from the spreadsheet, if you do not define the worksheet you want the data from, the request will always use the first worksheet.

i have put all the name like u suggest. what next? wont the dropdown list be very very long to show all 100names?

Not if you first select a class name and filter the rows by that class name.

Then you should only see one class's student rows.

You need to remove any empty rows

Now you can query the data.

im going through the tutorial, but cant find some of these block
call webviewer .UriEncode
is there something that i miss
call webviewer .Get
when webviewer .GotText

you can find them in Web (connectivity) component (not in WebViewer)

thanks ramon.
now finalize my app.
code below same like the tutorial

so the preview of the app is as such.
i will change the 'click' button to 'Tahun 6' button so that when Tahun6 button is click, it directly show the same query that im using now 'SELECT A,B,C where A contains '6'.. but i can figure it out..

Would be better to make a list of classes: tahun1,tahun2 etc., then select from list to make the query

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