How do you make a quiz in one screen?

how to make quiz in one screen?


but i make checkbox quiz, what should I do?

The project here might be what you want to do. CheckBox - 2 answers out of three - #3 by Joerg_Kowalski
There is an aia.It looks like it is all in one screen. You have to try the aia.

(sorry for my english, i use google translate) i have four categories, each category have four option but one is correct, there are aia for help me?

Here is a video; you might like this different solution

Here is a video; you might like this different solution How to use CheckBox & Button in MIT App Inventor to make background colour changing applications- S2 - YouTube

I have read this "after one of the latest updates you now also can define this directly in the definition of the list"; you can do me an example because i didn't understand

This may also help you to know what checkbox checked,

thanks you so much

sorry but I can't create it with this you showed me.
my quiz:
CheckboxC(correct answer)
click C activated "next"
Question2 in the same screen

Could you please share your blocks structures, so that it can be corrected where it is to be.

this is aia file blocks of my quizz
AnimeQuiz.aia (478.4 KB)


Not any button, use anyCheckbox.changed event instead. It will work this way,

If you want checkbox to work as radio button you can achive by allowing olny one checkbox to be checked, as

i don't understand

Checked boxes are for MSQs type questions and radio buttons are for MCQs type questions, as you want to activate NEXT button to be activated on a checkbox get selected, then I suggested to use checkbox to behave like radio button. That's what you need to work around.

how to found "call wrongAnswer"

hi, please help me for create checkbox quiz
esample of my quiz
Start(open Screen2)
In screen2 there are four categories
Category1 open screen3, but after how do I make sure there is the second question

This example does not answer your exact question but the code might give you some ideas for a checkbox based quiz.


MyQuiz2.aia (7.2 KB)
quizQuestions2.txt (276 Bytes)