How do you display an numerical average of data stored in a tiny db?

Can someone show what's the simplest means of taking numerical data stored in a tinydb, getting the average and displaying that on screen (I'm assuming a label is the simplest display?)

How are the numbers stored in TinyDB?

as numbers only in a text box?

How many tags are used to store the numbers in TinyDB?

just one

So how are the multiple numbers stored in that tag's value?

As a list?
As a CSV?
As a column of a table?

I do not know, I'm not sure I've gotten that far

how would i check this?

Time for you to learn how to work with lists, then.
Study the first 4 links in

and come back when you have built a list of numbers.

(While I'm here, I might as well leave you these for later.

Apply a list of numbers to this block:


Missed it!

thanks team, i will go through this. Much appreciated!