How do you create an application for the user to design the keyboard screen?

Please tell me how to create an application for the user to design the keyboard screen for herself and then bring it to the main keyboard screen of her phone.

I mean the phone keyboard

You want to make your own keyboard ?

I want to create a program that allows the user to build his keyboard in any way he wants

There is this extension:

Or use one of the dynamic component extensions to build a keyboard.

In this plugin, there is no option to change the phone keyboard, ie the user's keyboard becomes the phone's keyboard.

I do not believe this is possible yet.

This is beyond App Inventor's basic capabilities. You might be able to use App Inventor for the User to define a keyboard, using a dynamic components extension, but then you would need another extension that could convert that layout into a stand-alone keyboard that the phone could use. Currently such an extension does not exist.

So really, it is very difficult to achieve your goal. You could probably do it with Android Studio using Java or Kotlin.

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Just to round this off, here is a keyboard I created using the CompCreator extension by @Kevinkun back in Jan 2022.

makeAKeyBoard2.aia (22.1 KB)



How the user should do this and also not just in the app, be mobile

Because the components are created dynamically, you could provide a menu/selection of "keys" for the user to create.

Can the built-in keyboard be placed on the main keyboard?

It can be used instead of the main keyboard within the app if you program it correctly (there is an extension available to hide the main keyboard), but it cannot be used with other apps.

I do not want it to be only in my application, I want it to be activated on all keyboards, like gboard

I refer you to the post by @ChrisWard above


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