How do you connect google fit?

For app inventor. How can I connect and get step data from Google Fit. Is there an extension for Google Fit? Thanks.

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There is a lot of info on the community about accessing an API

ok but i don't know how to use them in app inventor. Do you have an example or does anyone know?

I want to connect it to Google Fit, can anyone help me pay for it? Please...

There is no tutorial showing how to use App Inventor to create a Google Fit app.

These links may help you

They do not produce a solution; only suggest things you might be able to do. Unfortunately App Inventor does not presently include the required Java libraries.

They always suggest the same thing. Anyone know anything about the big site? shame shame

And what have you tried since the first advise? Did you educate yourself in trying how to work with APIs?

Statements like this will not help you in receiving any help here.