How do you connect google firebase to MIT app Inventor

Hello, I am really struggling trying to connect my google firebase to my MIT App. I am doing this for a school project, and am not very familiar with MIT app. I have only been able to get the error: "invoke: unable to invoke method GetValue in object of type boolean. Irritants: ()" I have my api token and the proper link set up, but I cannot seem to pull the data. It is in json format. I would really appreciate a walk through on how I can get this data integrated so I can call it and display it on the screen.

You're trying to access Firebase in iOS?

Not sure that's implemented yet.

No, I am trying to do it for android. I am unable to GET my data from my database. I just need it to display on the screen of the MIT App Inventor

Strange, the word 'irritants' usually appears in error messages on Apple environments.

Which server are you using?

The firestone is on us-central1
I am using an iOS device to run the app emulator, but I dont see how that would be an issue

Here's the Firebase FAQ, and if you like I can look at your exported .aia file.

(Canned Reply: ABG- Export & Upload .aia)
Export your .aia file and upload it here.

HelloPurr (1).aia (225.4 KB)
Essentially, I am trying to pull the summery from the database and display on the screen

While I'm throwing FAQs at you, I might as well throw you the Companion and Emulator FAQ.

You have an odd test environment.

You tacked on Firebase to the HelloPurr tutorial?

Look what it did to your project bucket:

Can you show us the tree structure in your Firebase console, so we can see if you have a HelloPurr branch? (I would be surprised)

The console has evolved yet again.

I don't see any HelloPurr branch, so I will take a wild guess and suggest you try 'recipes' or recipes2 in your Designer ProjectBucket instead of HelloPurr.

You need a Notifier for this error catcher block, to get better messages.

Now that I have studied the new console layout you showed, I see an extra layer of unique IDs (long ones) between the recipes branch and individual objects.

So you can't just ask for summary, without saying which extended branch you want.

You need to blank out that HelloPurr, and just ask for recipes, and suffer the flood.

Your Firebase URL needs work.

Besides lacking http// is

Progress of a sort:

(after adding http:// prefix to URL)

In the setup instructions, there's a section on adding read/write auth to the database.

What do you have for that?

Also, there are two separate Firebase databases, with slightly different names (realtime vs ???) that I can never remember.

One uses blocks, and the other uses the Web component.

Are you sure you have the right one?

If you received a big JSON text in one of your previous web experiments, we can help you navigate that JSON.

P.S. If all you are offering is a busload of text recipes in JSON format, why not just upload it as one big json file into the Media folder and skip Firebase?

Reasons not working

  1. Using Firestore, not Realtime
  2. Firebase component does not work with iOS

for the above you will need to use the web component(click on the image below):


Appreciate all the help, downloading the data and uploading to media is much easier. Thank you!