How do you Calculate Values for Plotting a Chart?

Hi, I am trying to plot a chart in my app. Each value for the chart is returned by a formula. A user will just give a range of numbers and chart would be plotted for that range, the input of the calculation/ formula will be the integers in the selected range. How can I achieve that, any ideas?
I am using the extension 'ChartMaker' for the purpose of showing line chart in the app.

This is the block of code which will plot a chart, but probelm is with values, how can I calculate that values?

The final chart would look like this:

I have the equation for this curve,

  1. You need to calculate all the values, apply them to a list, then apply them to a chart.
  2. You may find more flexibility using:
    📊 [Free] ChartMakerPlus - an extension to make google charts
  3. Show an example of the values supplied by the user, and the equation used.

Is your ultimate goal to do something like this

This tutorial should help with the math of the equation of time calculation.

The equations you need to construct a List of points are described in Equation of time - Wikipedia

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