How do you add Spreadsheet from Google sheets into chart?

What are the steps for incorporating data from a Google Sheet to spreadsheet component and into a chart?

Get the data:<file ID>/export?format=csv

I got my data all set up already.

What is the issue then ?

I want to use the data I set up already in Google Sheets to add it to the chart component in my app.

Yes, you say you have the data.

Which chart method are you intending to use ? This will dictate how you data must be organised in order to build a chart.

Please provide an example of the data, and information on your chart method.

See the Web section of

Thanks, I'll take a look at that.

I've decided to use a pie chart.
Example of data:

and with what part of the data do you want to make a pie chart?

The amount of nutrition.

For example, this dataset (in the red rectangles)?


You will need to remove the values that are ranges, and replace them with a single figure, set any empty values, or values with a - to 0.

The pie chart will be all over the place because you have different scales for different nutrients, e.g. calories (kcal) 1200 and Iron (mg) 7.

Or do you want to show a single nutrient like so:


Again, you would need to replace any ranges with single values...


I want a single age group.

This is roughly what you will get:

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Where do I find the component ChartMakerPlus1?

It is an extension. You will require online access.

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Okay, I got it, thank you so much!

I can't find the extension ChartMakerPlus1, I can only find ChatMaker1

In the first post, scroll to here:


I found it, thanks.