How do I work with Blogger in AI2?

Can i get to know how can i create a new post in blogger using mit app inventor , I searched almost evrywhere but what they say is

To create a new post on Blogger using MIT App Inventor, you can use the Web component to send a POST request to the Blogger API. You can use the PostText block to send text data to the API endpoint. To do this, you will need to obtain an API key from the Google Developers Console and use it to authenticate your requests. You can find detailed documentation on how to use the Web component to send POST requests in the MIT App Inventor documentation. I hope this helps!

Source: Conversation with Bing, 12/10/2023
(1) Post Documentation - MIT App Inventor. Post Documentation.
(2) Our Tutorials! - MIT App Inventor. Our Tutorials!.
(3) HOWTO: POST data using the webviewer - MIT App Inventor Community. 🟧 HOWTO: POST data using the webviewer.
(4) Help required HTTP POST implementation - MIT App Inventor Help - MIT .... Help required HTTP POST implementation.
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Can you help me Please , find an appropriate way to do so , Please helpl

I searched the community for "Blogger" and this was the first result - my tutorial!

It is not straightforward!

thanks @TIMAI2

Hey , Is there any way to create a button inside a item in listview ?? Ex like using html code "Hello"

< button > </ button >

You could make the image look like a button?

Other than that, you would need to build your own listview using dynamic components, or look at other extensions for listviews