Ban Screen using web1 and google sheet

Hey there,
i have made an app for my friends to chat , and their username is stored in the TinyDB
in the tag named name, I also created a google sheet in which the 1strow is with title and 2 row is having name of some users and i programed the app to get data from google sheet using web.1 component and the loading of data was perfect but now i need to add a programe if the list of names contain the username of a particular person then he should go to screen5 that is ban screen with ban images and details , but after programe when i run the app the app is showing ban screen as soon it opens the home screen , I don't need anything like this , I just want to ban a particular guy , Please help me community !!

You will need to use Do It in companion app to see why you are always taken to your Ban screen, then adjust accordingly.

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