How do I use Shazam to get a music title?

Greetings to all.
I'm trying to figure out if I can make a project using Arduino, App Inventor and any music recognition App (like Shazam) to get the title of a piece of music which is then saved on an SD card connected to Arduino.

The idea is that when I press a hardware button on the Arduino, it connects to my mobile phone (via bluetooth) and using a custom App i can get the title of the music from the network and then send it back to the Arduino.

The fact is that while i get to work quite well with Arduino the world of MIT AppInventor and Shazam are completely new to me.
At the moment i've just played with some MIT tutorial and that's ok, but the work is more complicated and i'm not even sure that can be achieved also because i've found that for Shazam seems i need to use the following KIT/SDK:

Can anyone comfirm that my idea can be achieved or i'm just wasting my time?
Thank you in advance! :wink:

I did some Googling. I found this

This takes a mp3 and guesses the song.

I used to get the blocks from the curl command example

-F url=''
-F return='apple_music,spotify'
-F api_token='test'

and it uses Kodular colors but it also works in App Inventor.

You will get a json file in return.


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Thank you a lot Peter, but most likely i have not explained myself well (i'm sorry for that).

What i need is to start a search for the title of a song while i'm listening to it for example from the car radio (and not from internet) and that's why i just want to press a single button on a small box containing Arduino so i don't have to get distracted while driving.

Of course the system (Arduino + cell phone) has to look for it on internet but the source will be always "live".

Now, it seems to me that AudD searches for a title starting from a file or a url (am i wrong?) and it has a monthly subscription cost...