How do I remove the parentheses, quotes and square brackets in the data sent from my esp32 on wifi in json and received in my app in a listview?

Hello, how can I eliminate the square brackets, quotes and parentheses in my list viewer and order them, and how can I display them in the text field when selecting each item, and share the blocks to what I could do?
When I press the update button I receive the json data and it places it in the list viewer but with quotes and brackets and when I select an item it places them all in the text field instead of just the one I select.

In the application when I receive them they look like this

What is you raw response content?

Is DecodificarTextToJson only wrong translated or is it really the opposite of what you are trying to do?

Btw. this is an international community... therefore it would be great, if you could switch the language to English next time before taking a screenshot


As Taifun and ABG wrote, use dictionaries and lists. Use dictionary to extract key-value pairs from json and dictionary have function to convert them to lists.