How do I play a big video (> 5 MB) from the ASD or the assets

1. Play a big video from the ASD (App-Specific Dir.)
To play a big video (e.g. 72 MB) with the VideoPlayer component, you can download it first to the ASD and play it from there. This should work with Companion and the compiled app (APK).

See also here:

2. Play a big video from the assets
To upload a video > 5 MB to the assets and play it from there, you have to insert it into the assets via 7-Zip / WinRAR, because you cannot upload a files (video) > 5 MB to the assets (in the Designer).

In this way you can play a video of about 25 MB (or 45 MB for code.appinventor...) in size from the assets.

Note: Max. size of the aia is


Google Drive as giving a different link to export files.

I have this two:


What can i do? Thanks. (Editted)

Not sure about the first one.....

The second one, you need to modify the url


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hi i'm 12 years old and i don't understand how this ASD folder works, what can i do about it?


See here: