How do I make an extension .aix?

Hello readers I am new to this community :blush: and I also want to make extension! How can I make them please tell me :pray::pray:

Start here

Okay then what will I do ? After deleting the folder

If you want want to make en extension you must have knowledge of java

That i know i have articles for that

I prefer using Appybuilder Code Editor.
I like to use it. :blush:

But as far as I know it doesn't use → AndroidX libs (but the old → Support lib).

yeah, you are right @Anke, actually I have requested it to the admin but it was not responded

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Because Kodular (AppyBuilder) still uses the Support lib.


I really didnt know that :hushed:

I created an extension once, but it's very simple, mathematical and it even works :slight_smile: . But for the more difficult extensions you need to know Java well and understand how to implement android classes. All documentation is mostly in English, which is not my forte :slight_smile: . So it's best to start with a simple extension to break the rule.

For beginners it's good but it takes 5-20 min thus I and many prefer Apache ant

But Appybuilder is not working

Use RUSH instead :slight_smile:

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If you want other alternatives, you have:

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You can add Extension Template to your list of alternatives.

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Another option is use aixc:

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Hello @GT-Game_and_Tech

first, Learn Java

then use:

  1. Niotron IDE


Learn Java Or Kotlin

then use

  1. Rush

to compile your extension

Good luck :wink:

Or, you could learn Kotlin and use Rush.

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I edit above post
thanks :wink: