How do I install and open AI2 offline/localhost?

I am new to the community, so please tell me if I am doing something wrong. I have heard that you can download AI2 and run it on a localhost, but I have not been able to figure out how. I have visited the AI2 download page, but the instructions are not clear to me. Can someone give me a quick step by step installation process? Or at least where to get the download file.

You cannot run MIT App Inventor 2 offline. AI2 is a Web app.

You can use third-party ‘versions’ of AI2 blocks on your computer . See this list of possibilities on Taifun’s web page!msg/ai4a/ajG4Q6UrRR8/aNrWzZa5BQAJ

These are not usually 1:1 copies of MIT App Inventor 2 . Because they are made by third party developers, even though they use MIT’s Open Source code, they may not contain the latest release of MIT AI2 tools.

Follow the instructions of the third party offline version. MIT does NOT provide instructions in their use. Each has its own Forum discussion. Please visit the Forum dedicated to these offline versions to get help.

YES it is possible.

You can use " App Inventor 2 Ultimate" and that is a "All in one App Inventor 2 offline server environment.".

Ai2u is outdated, use AI2Offline download |


It's name is ai2u.
You can download it from Google first search
Mit app inventor offline and scroll down until
you find the result of sourceforge then open and download

welcome to the community...
however unfortunately you contribution is not very helpful...

because as it has been said earlier:

Ai2u is outdated, use AI2Offline download |


Hi there,

now I also want to use the AI2 offline.
I can start the main menu with the buttons All AI2 Server, DevServer, AI2 Starter, etc.

But when I click on Start Invent, it does not open the user interface in my browser. It says "ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE".
I have tried different browsers.

What could it be? I have already closed my virus scan program, but it still does not open the application.


Have you read and followed this:

Yes, I installed JAVA and set the JAVA_HOME Variable to path.

By executing the All AI2 Offline Server, there is this text in the command line:
Still cannot open the interface.


but for Mac Os?

You will probably have to build this for yourself Joe. There isn't a similar third-party tool for the Mac. You might be able to run the existing third party tool running Windows in a virtual machine within macOS, use Parallels Desktop , VMware Fusion , or VirtualBox .

Alternatively you might build your own personal server

using the App Inventor Sources following the document How to build App Inventor from the MIT sources

This guide shows how to use Windows and LINUX (but not Mac) to build something similar:


I installed the current version of AI2Offline on Windows 11, but it gives an error as in the picture. Can you help with this?

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