Impossible de construire l'application - AI2U - AI2Offline

Bonjour à tous
Je n'arrive pas à construire l'application.Aidez moi s'il vous plaît.Merci

AI2U is not made by the App Inventor developers. It is also not developed anymore. If you want a recent offline version of App Inventor use AI2Offline.

You should direct your question to the developer of AI2U.

Hello Fred. AI2Offline is currently regarded as the best offline offering, but note that it too is not made by the MIT App Inventor developers.

The problem with off line versions are two fold - they seem to have limitations one way or another, particularly if you want to eventually load the Project into AI2. Also, for practical reasons, they lag behind the AI2 versions which can release bug fixes and crucial updates in quick succession.

If you can find a way to develop your App online with App Inventor you will probably save your hair from going grey.

AI2U has not been updated for more than 4 years (June 2018). From an Android perspective, four years is an eternity. The Android file and permissions system has been completely changed since then, so using AI2U makes no sense at all.

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