AI2Offline Build failed! Connection refused: connect

I tried a lot of ai2offline versions same problem so I used the one recommended by @Anke Here

same problem only online version can build the app .tried ever possible way to build it explained here
updated java , set JAVA_HOME and used chromeand firefox still the same problem I am using windows 10java home failed


Note that the offline versions of App Inventor are not provided by MIT and we make no claims as to whether they work.

That being said, the error is in your last image. The build server failed to start for some reason. If I had to reason a guess, the error suggests to me that your username has a space in it and that is breaking the script used to start the buildserver. If the script is provided as an editable batch file, you could probably tweak it to do what you need. The path being passed to the --dexCacheDir contains a space, so the value after that flag should be wrapped in double quotes.

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Appreciate your help , you are absolutely right in other offline version took the first part of my name bahoko and this one took the second part .thank you

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