How do I get a complete list?

I received a text value from the DVR with the file name\date and size. How do I convert to a list?
The use of "\n" did not give any results.
The contents of the text variable:\nff.time=Tue Apr 16 20:52:50 2024\nff.size=104857600\n\nff.time=Tue Apr 16 20:54:52 2024\nff.size=104857600\n\nff.time=Tue Apr 16 20:56:52 2024\nff.size=104857600\n


use the text split at \n block.

I see you have names, times, and sizes.

Do you need a three column table?

I have a shred procedure for that.


Web_Page_Shredder.aia (8.2 KB)


Thanks for the very complete answer. How difficult it is. I'm a beginner. I just wanted to upload video files. And somehow link my list of file names on the DVR to the download module.

Start here, then.