How do I find blocks or procedures in large app?

I have a large App Inventor App (around 3000 blocks!) on which I haven't worked for almost 18 months. So am trying to find my way around my logic/blocks!

Is there a way to "go to" a specific procedure or find where a global variable is used in the blocks editor?

Seems almost unmanageble when one has a large number of blocks.

Any tips or help to "find things" in the block editor would be much appreciated!



Hi there,

You could try to clean up your blocks this way to make finding easier! Right-click on an empty area of your blocks workspace and select 'Clearn Up Blocks'.

Or, you can use the Zoom In or Out tools on the bottom-right corner of the workspace to find your blocks.


You can also find blocks using Control+F on Windows or Command+F on Mac!

  1. If I want to find a block when Screen1. Initialize, I can press Control+F on Windows, and then type in ErrorOccurred.

  2. Part of the block is now highlighted.

Hope this helps.

There's a new browser add-on which helps.
It's not perfect but better than nothing.


Un'altra soluzione per cercare un blocco specifico รจ recarti direttamente nelle impostazioni del tuo browser e cliccare sull'opzione "Trova".

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