How do I Display Online Users Without Firebase?

I am making an App. I want to Display Online Users in My App. But I want to do without Firebase.
Is Possible?
If yes, then how to display?

It is not possible to make that without firebase or any cloud databases.


use firebase/google sheets/other cloud db

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Ok. So, how to make with Google Sheet?

Using web component.

Why you not use cloud db

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Look at this:


@Alpha2020 cloud db may not be safe,
these are the topics u need to read


Can you share the blocks or aia? It will be easy for me to Understand.
I want to show only Count.

All of the given examples and tutorials have descriptions, pictures of blocks as well as aia files.


But there is no any examples of what I need.

There will hardly be anything exactly as you want.
Read the tutorials, understand what they do, and tweak them according to your needs!

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