Show the number of app user today, every 1 day reset that number of app user

Help me everyone, so necessary!
I want to create code to count the number app user opening. Example: I open my app, plus 1. My friend open my app in another phone, plus 1. My sister can see 2 user has opened in her phone.
I'm so miserable how to begin~~

what about you open your app twice+?

just plus or not

open, close, open, close....

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Ok, and where is the problem with that? count+1, count-1, ...

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No problem. I just to want to know if open app many times in one day, that is counting as 1 or more.

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I wanna create code, I dont have problem, can u guide me?

See post #4.

where is the post (thx)

Already asked on Kodular Community. Please only ask on the community of the builder you use.