How do I create a sequential timer?

Hello Coders,

Can you please help me how to create sequential countdown timer with the Anke's accurate PreciseCountdownMs.aix extension?
The first timing goes well, plays an alarm at the end, and if the checkbox2 checked then it sets the timer according the timing2_input, but i can't trigger the timer to continue it automatically as i have to press the start button again. I've spent lots of hours, tried many things but nothing works automatically...

Thank you so much in advance!!!
countdown.aia (351.3 KB)

I'm having trouble understanding the use case here, with the multiple check boxes.

Do they represent times in a rally when particular checkpoints are reached, one check box per checkpoint?

It will be a meditation timer.
There will be several checkbox with different time settings in minutes. If the checkbox selected, then, the timer will take it in account. I have set short times in the textbox to able to test it quickly. It displays the system time, remaining time, remaining time in ms and also the finish time=(system time+count down time).

My only issue is to understand the logic how to use the timer correctly after the first fire.

So there are separate meditations to be performed, one at a time, in sequence, for different lengths of time each?

Yes, exactly.:slight_smile:

This is a case where generalization to a list of indefinite length simplifies the problem.

Your list would be a two column table, with each row containing

  • meditation name (twisty squat?)
  • minutes target (2?)

Your app would have two functions:

  • building up a schedule of meditations and minutes
  • running the schedule against a timer

Now is a good time for you to read up on lists and tables at

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:
You are absolutely right...
It will be much easier with that!