How can app automatically check if Player.apk is installed or not and if its installed pass this step i dont want user download or install manual

i need your help please re-send me this attached project.aia after you fix and find resouluation

my application about playing vedios and i use network stream apk (external media player) through the activity starter
almost users can't know to play channel because they must install this external apk

i created button to download this apk in the download folder through

this is the link of app that need my first screen of user app check if it install or not install
and if not install order mobile to silent install and if its install skip process
external_player.aia (14.4 KB)

this is the link of external player

i did that but error appear 1-size downloaded apk -2-cant install

than you very much

external_player.aia prject


google drive:

APK File is not shared therefore not downloadable by anyone.

Posting of APK files to the community are prohibited. Please see Post and Attachment Guidelines

Posting of direct links of APK files to the community are prohibited

You could try Taifun's PackageManager extension, this can return a list of all installed apps, therefore can check if a particular app is installed


You still have not shared your apk file. Your app will not work (be able to download the apk) unless you do this.

external_player.aia (14.4 KB)

external_player.aia (14.4 KB)


google drive:

You have not made any changes to you aia project yet....

Here is a link to an extension that will help you to download the apk and install it

I have already provided you with a link to an extension that can check which apps are installed on your device.

You will need to apply both of these in order to achieve what you want.

The user's device may also need a setting to allow apks to be installed (not from playstore)

Do you have the developers permission to use the XMTVPlayer app in this way ?

Ich möchte Ihnen sagen, dass dieses Tool nicht funktioniert
Können Sie mir ein fertiges Projekt schicken?

I want to tell you that this tool does not work
Can you send me a finished project? .aia


name: XMTVPlayer.apk

Did you see this:

Note : The → InstallAPK.Install_pathAPK ← block works only with the compiled app (APK).