HM10 pairing problem

Hi there,

I'm currently working on a project which I more or less finished, but i used a hc05. For the project i chose to use the HM10 because of BLE. I already made the project and let it work with my hc05 but that's just to speed it up.

now my HM10 got delivered, but when i try to pair in app inventor it wont let me. it says the device isn't turned on when it clearly is.

can anybody help me what i need to change to let it pair?

thanks in advance

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Hi, hc05 uses bluetooth classic. To communicate with this module, you use a component built into the gray Bluetooth client. Whereas hm10 is a BLE standard and does not work with a built-in component, there is a ble extension to support hm10.

can somebody tell me why this doesn't work?
i used the same concept as with bluetooth client which already worked (index for arduino to call a var and then the new value of the specific var)

thanks in advance

Start with a simpler project: