Help with: CANVAS?

I have the image of the plan of a house with several rooms. The idea is that when selecting each one of the rooms a real image of it is displayed, added to a small description or a list of elements it contains.
Of all the options I see, I think the CANVAS would be the one.

  1. if it wasn't the Canvas, what would be the best option?
  2. and if it were, is there an example of how to implement the process?
  3. I should know in advance what are the X and Y coordinates that delimit each room?
  4. if so, would I have to previously generate an app to know these coordinates?

Any help will be very welcome

Another method would be to use a webviewer and create an image map for your image. This has the advantage of being more easily scrollable and zoomable. You then use the webviewstring to return what has been clicked (or develop the whole thing in html...)

There is also an image map extension

Whichever route you choose, you will have to work out the coordinates for each room so that a user can click and get the image and other data to display.


Thank you Tim. I will try it.

I do like the idea of actually drawing the room plan on a canvas though, you will have all the coordinates, so why not?



You might use this example to have 'room's of different color Button placement(How to use Canvas screen colors to create a Q&A Quiz - #18 by Italo

or you could actually make a 'map' of your rooms using and the advice here Draw circle on a map - #6 by SteveJG and

etc., etc.
There are many ways to work with a map of rooms or an image delimited with slightly different colors. :slight_smile:


Great ideas Tim and Steve. I will see which one could be the best. Thanks!!