Help test nb194

Are you using the correct companion app for rhe test server?

No i used old one and updated after your post and it works fine now

Have you tried using Firefox in desktop view on the iPad?

yes tried with all modern browsers like Safari,Chrome,Edge,Firefox,Brave.

Clicking on Backpack doesn't work

It works on my iPad

but it doesn't works for me, connected wired keyboard and mouse.

Also let me know whether Copy Paste Components and Copy Paste screen works fine? As it also doesn't works for me?

The test server has been updated. The new companion version is now 2.67t7u.

We have done an additional update to the test server to deploy a number of fixes to issues in the new user interface code. If you continue to encounter issues in the web interface please record them here.

Nice, but there still are some issues.

UI refactor (2)
  • The Import Project and Import Keystore dialogs, whether a project is opened in the background or not, show a white square on the border that shouldn't be there.

  • The Move Project button should be disabled when no projects are selected, just like Move To Trash.


Component bugs (1)

If i move a folder to the trash it is not there when I look. When I press move to trash it says:

I would expect that if a folder is moved to trash it is visible there, even with the projects inside and that I can restore the folder with all projects in one go. Now the folder is deleted, not moved, and only the projects can be found in the trash.

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I checked before few days and now also after reading your comment,
It works fine for me, no issues with screen orientation

Really? I'll check it on my side. I built it just a few hours ago.

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Weirdly enough, for every project that I create and compile (also tried with other emails), I get the . error.

App Inventor is unable to compile this project.
The compiler error output was

There is no project in the project.

Test2.aia (1018 Bytes)

I've come up with fixes for the two UI issues reported. As for the Chart bug, that was not on our list of things for this release so it has not been addressed. I am not able to replicate the orientation issue any longer since the fix went in.

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@vishwas and @Susan_Lane would probably be best to address your comments Peter as they implemented the folders work.

This is due to a change I made as part of the SDK 33 update. I've identified the issue and have submitted a fix on our end. The error occurs when there aren't any blocks in a project. If you add a single block to the workspace, such as Screen1.Initialize, it should fix the problem temporarily.

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Thanks, the orientation issue seems to be fixed. I think I tested on the main server earlier.

Sticky Header is Sticky in Designer Section, but not in Blocks section.

Empty the Backpack doesn’t work on Test Server

Add / View Comments has Major UI bug as shown in below video

The bugs you have reported should be fixed now in the latest version of ai2-test.

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I am experiencing a small error on this server, if you have all the projects in folders, when you log in the welcome screen is always shown