Chart Component Bug - GridEnabled and LegendEnabled Do Not Work

I'm writing a guide for using the Chart component, and during testing, I found that GridEnabled and LegendEnabled are not working in the Blocks editor. They do function in the Designer, just not in the blocks.

GridEnabled was supposed to hide the grids used for the chart. However, I do not see any effect in the blocks editor. Same for LegendEnabled, when it was supposed to hide or show the legend.

The devices that I have tested that do not function are here.

Device name Android version Companion or APK?
Google Pixel 4 10 Companion + APK
Google Pixel 4 11 APK
Xiaomi 11 NE 12 Companion + APK

So far, there is not a single test that has been successful. The app that I use for testing is attached below.

Chart.aia (1.6 KB)

blocks (2)