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How can i use the "webviewer" function only to view the web page? Because now if I push over the image it moves me up or down the web page.

Explain / show what you mean ?

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I would just like to view the page, now if I push the web viewer it moves the page, but I would just like to look at it

Did you understand?

Or I would like the text of a website to bring it back to me written on the app

Sorry,, but no

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I would like to make an app that if I push the play button shows me the web viewer, after I download the app, however, if I touch the website with my finger, the image goes down, up, right or left depending on how I drag my finger. I would like to remove this functionality.

I couldn't find any methods to do this with the vanilla WebViewer, so I'm using the CustomWebView extension instead.
It's a very rudimentary fix; it doesn't disallow the user to scroll, but keeps the page's scroll fixed at one point:

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That generally requires the Web Page itself to be mobile friendly (responsive, adaptive). If it's your own website then obviously you can ensure that it is, otherwise it is "the luck of the draw" though most commercial sites are mobile friendly.

As Nishyanth has described, you could use the Custom Web View Extension. That can get close to your requirement about movement, but be aware also that it could make viewing the whole page more difficult, especially if the page has to scale down in size to fit the phone screen.

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no problem, the text that changes is just a few lines

an extension that does what I need is fine too

Is it used in conjunction with webviewer?

No, both are not related.
Check the extension topic to learn how more about its usage.

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