Having trouble with lists and tiny DB

Hi, I am trying to create a list that shows a list of players names, as well as their scores and can be stored to a TinyDB.
I am having trouble getting the whole list however and it only seems to save one Item at a time. I have tried to look up other ways' to do this but my case seems different somehow. Here is what I have so far, it is across multiple screens. This is for a quiz app.

Screen one is meant to take the users name from a textbox and put it into a list to be viewed later

Screen two takes their score to be stored into the list for later.

Screen 3/ results screen is attempting to make the items both names and scores appear in a list, however this is not the case, as it only appears with the most recent saved score and name.

The tinyDB namespaces are not the problem, as I do receive an output, however it is not in the list form that I wish it to be. Some help would be greatly appreciated. Than you.

Please ask in the community not by sending a pm. I made it public. Use a single screen not 3.
See point 1.

See the 5th post in

Sorry but I am looking for a more basic explanation. This is going to be used for a quiz app so I will need multiple screens. I have seen this example


Coming from this post,

I would like something's like in the video where it creates a list of animals, but instead with names. However, I need to use a variable to store the names since it is a user input. Is there any way to still hold these elements as a list? because when I bring up my scores screen, I only end up with one name and one score, instead of multiple names and scores

No, you don't. Rethink you design.
We have a lot of questions about making a quiz app.

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