Has anybody experience with Gotify

To receive notifications on your phone most will use Firebase.
There is however an alternative called Gotify.
You can install your own Gotify server on a Raspberry Pi so no need for a third party service.

My question is:
Has anybody used Gotify. Set up their own server and then send notifications to Android.
Would be nice to get some aia file that shows how it works before re-inventing the wheel by myself.

For those interested here is the link:

Gotify is open source.


Most use Onesignal.

Yes but point is that I do not want to be depending on third party services.
Got bad experiences with that like:

  • IoTtweet just stopped working
  • IFTTT had many years webhooks as a free service and now suddenly must be paid.
  • Blynk had a free service for hobbyists and they shut that down. Just very limited use for hobbyists.

So I would like to run my own server.

You will be the first.

If you get it working, feel free to add it to our collection at

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You should ask your question in their community or forum (whatever they have) .
I don't think you'll get an answer here.

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