Hardware integration (with an Arduino) and App Inventor

I wanted to know how to integrate my software into a device

Please provide more information about what you want to achieve.

What kind of device?

Kind of a tablet and no other thing should be left

Does the tablet run Android?

Yes then what
and no then what

If it is android then will it be possible
if it would be ios it is possible
ios and android on both it will be posilbe
and please tell the steps to hardware integration as well as ios or android or both

You can make apps using App Inventor for Android devices now.

It is not possible at present to make apps for ios. MIT is testing a version of App Inventor that can
make apps for ios but the version is still in development.

App Inventor will be able to create apps for both Android and ios using the same code Blocks when development is complete. The capability to create both Anddroid and ios apps using a single code set does not exist yet.

i want to integrate that means put my software into a device (that i know) and then i want to remove all the apps and make the tablet use for my app only

Sorry Yash, you cannot do exactly that. You can install your apps but you cannot uninstall all the other apps on the device. Some apps can be uninstalled (see below) but most probably cannot be uninstalled.

Sharing and Remixing Apps shows how to load your app on your Tablet Yash.

You cannot do that. You can use your tablet's Android Settings to manually delete some of the installed apps (but not all) Settings>Apps then select the app to uninstall and press UNINSTALL (if that option is available for that app). Not all apps can be uninstalled.

by putting a aurdino is it possible if possible then how

Yes, you can use your App Inventor apps to communicate with an Arduino.

This tutorial might be useful, depending on exactly what you want to do App Inventor - Arduino

Other discussions also show how to work with an Arduino.

can i put it instead of the tablets cchip or something like that

if it can then how

can i put aurdino in place of a chip

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