Handling Sprite Cannibalism with AnyComponent

When sprites get locked together, we usually refer to Scott Ferguson's example of how to overcome this sprite cannibalism. This was written before the any component blocks came along. Also see here.

Following the same method as above, it is possible to use the any component blocks to do the same thing:


(added to FAQ)

I did some test, and found that the "any imagesprite.TouchDown" event was raised several times when there are many imagesprites are at point(x,y).

What I want to do is: change the top ImageSprite's picture after touchdown, before start draging/touchup. but all imageSprite will chane their pictures.

I can use a clock to delay the setting of picture, but any other elegant ways?

You may have to make a list of the imagesprites and run an if /else conditional on the Touch Down event, or if each imagesprite is on a different Z index use that to identify the correct sprite ?