Is there a hex code for transparent bg color?

hello. Is there a hex code for transparent bg color?

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It should be:



DECIMAL 32 BIT = 16777215


Hello again. Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately it doesnt work with me.... I tried some other numbers also but nothing. Thank you anyway!

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Use #FFFFFF in background colour so that you background will be white

Where do you need it as hex ?

I just try to make the animation working front of a background screen photo without being visible the animation background color (even if it is White). But it's ok. I will use it with a familiar background color as the screens photos color. Thank you very much!

So you need to set height and width of arrangement

Thank you very much. I ll try this way to!

Setting the Canvas.PaintColor property to the number 16777215 works for specifying the color to transparent, which behaves like an eraser for anything that's been drawn on the canvas already.