Google Search with NoFileHtml extension

that is what I meant @Aarush_Kumar

he just did not understand my reply, @ARNAV_TIWARI_11356-2 i was telling you that put doctype html at top of html structure

There is a </div> missing in your code :wink:

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you mean this?

Aah i see i guess this should work -

<!DOCTYPE html>
<script async src="">
<div class="gcse-search"></div>
<div class="gcse-searchresults-only"></div>

This code is supposed to work :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot to all three of you for replying, it is really helpfull.

so what is the solution? please mark it.

how about this one by @Aarush_Kumar

so if that is the solution please mark it as solution

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Please do not send such messages on random topics.

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lets talk on pm instead.

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Why are you trying to do this via an extension, if this is already available with built-in blocks only?

With this you can also read the results via JSON.

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Not just this, there are still many Google Search APIs in the APIs directory.

Even without Web APIs, why don't you just copy the code, put it in an HTML file, upload it into App Inventor and use the WebViewer?

All of this is available without extensions.

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