✨ [Free] NoFileHtml - view html without files

nice extension :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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After I thought for a long time I just realized that extension is very useful :heart_eyes:

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Its a cool one, Now I can make wonders with it...

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Wow superb extension @TIMAI2

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Thank you friend, very useful extension! :handshake:

Amazing Extension @TIMAI2 it will help me a lot in my project.
but currently i am facing 2 issues.

  1. When the code is loaded the elements are not responding. for eg, in my case there is a button, but nothing happens when i click it. (There is no issue in code its working) the Start Quiz Button.

  1. Getting compiling error, i am getting this error after adding your extension.

My blocks

Other extension i am using, incase you need it.

Which extension are you using, basesLoaded or noFileHTML ? (or both...) to run your html.

In both cases, they will only have access to fully qualified urls for any resources.

Are you using plain javascript or jquery or another framework?

What do you expect to happen when you press the Start Quiz button in your html ?

On testing, it appears that the basesLoaded extension has a problem with compiling, i will need to investigate that! Meanwhile, here is a simple base64 only extension you can use:
uk.co.metricrat.justbase64.aix (4.0 KB)

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The code is made by one of my friend, according to him he is using plain js.

A another view will appear displaying rules.
I am attaching a video of how the code works.

Thank I will try it :slightly_smiling_face:

I am assuming that all these "views" are contained on the same single html page with the script code and css and all the answers are similarly contained ? The webviewer cannot handle local storage....

Yeah everything that need to make it work is in the code.

I guess without seeing the html file it will be difficult to advise further. You can always send it to me in a PM.

Sure, sending u the file

Ahh I can't DM you can u please DM :slightly_smiling_face:

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Done sent you a message.

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The solution here is to remove any/all html comments

<!-- ... -->

and javascript comments

// comment

from the html, and to use the NoFileHtml extension.

For some reason, the text block does not handle these well causing the webviewer to try to parse them as either html or javascript.

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Yeah right, Thanks for your support @TIMAI2 :hugs:

I like this extension Tim! Great job!

I required this so thanks :smiley:

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It works on Android 11!!! :blush: Thank You!!!

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