Google Maps URL doesn't work when trying to display it through WebViewer

hi everybody . i have a problem. im creating a school map of a university , i had created a 3d map on google map then i edit it and put a marker . then i want to link it in my web viewer component through its url . but when i test it . is didnt run. it errors while running the app.

(Canned Reply: ABG- Export & Upload .aia)
Export your .aia file and upload it here.


Also, post the raw text of the error message.

wait sir. because its 24 mb. it cannot send it here . ift is ok to you i will send here through google drive

That works.

heres the link on my google drive

No access. Set the viewer access to "everyone with the link".

ok. wait

can you teach me how sir ?

The error seems to be happening because the site automatically redirects to the mobile version, an intent link, which the WebViewer cannot load. I'll try seeing what works.

yes sir . plss i badly needed it

Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to bypass this redirect.
Google MyMaps works, though. You can change the style of MyMaps to show the satellite map.

You can import the KML file from Google Earth to MyMaps:

Is it worth a try changing the user-agent for the webviewer to a desktop one ?

You can do this with webviewextra

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ok sir. thank you

sir if i import it in a file then i transfer it on a other map. it becomes 2d not 3d . i want a 3d map sir

Here are two alternative ways to possibly make your school map you might find useful.

A second way has two parts

hello sir icreated my map in 3d through google earth. but everytime i run the URL it open directly in the googl earth not in the web viewer.

do you have an example url?

yes sir