Getting address from self-defined latitude and logitude with location service and MIT App map?

Anyone want to help?

You could use locationIQ for reverse geocoding. Sign up for a free api key and then use web component to request address from api<Your_API_Access_Token>&lat=&lon=&format=json

The response is in json format for example

"place_id": "236942763",
"licence": "",
"osm_type": "relation",
"osm_id": "7515426",
"lat": "48.8611473",
"lon": "2.33802768704666",
"display_name": "Louvre Museum, Rue Saint-Honoré, Quartier du Palais Royal, 1st Arrondissement, Paris, Ile-de-France, Metropolitan France, 75001, France",
"address": {
    "museum": "Louvre Museum",
    "road": "Rue Saint-Honoré",
    "suburb": "Quartier du Palais Royal",
    "city_district": "1st Arrondissement",
    "city": "Paris",
    "county": "Paris",
    "state": "Ile-de-France",
    "country": "France",
    "postcode": "75001",
    "country_code": "fr"
"boundingbox": [



Thank you for your attention.
I will try it

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(added to FAQ)

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Thank you for your attention.