Get Data from Google Spreadsheet on Android 13

Hello, I have made an app to find customer locations based on data from Google spreadsheets, and it works on mobile phones with Android 11, but on Android 13 there is a problem with the current location point, so I added FineLocation Access Permission and it works. Problems occur when getting data from Google Spreadsheet, to get it it takes a long time to display, even errors. I want to ask if there is permission to access data from Google Spreadsheet, thank you for your answer
mapGuide_2.aia (58.5 KB)


what errors?

its like error parse

can you paste here the errors?

ok, wait It takes too long to get data

well, it has to handle +21K rows.....

You should be querying the dataset not downloading it each time

its ok at android 11, at android 13 its long retrieve data

This from Redmi note 8 pro android 11, when screen1.inisialize
Data will retrieve

But at android 13 it's stuck, so long to retrieve

I have tested with Android14 and it works reasonably fast...what about the errors?

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When it appears then I will screen shoot it, because my block so long to get data from Android 13 then error, or my lost connection when to get data from Google spreadsheet

Perhaps you have connection problems...if the spreadsheet data is fixed, maybe you can load it from a cvs file in your assets

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There are Google Sheets filter facilities.

Also, at 3.2 MB, you should be able to fit that CSV file into your Media folder.

Spreadsheet was ok, as I said it work from my Phone with Android 11, but not work with other phone android 13, at same time, at same internet connection, and same block. i think there is Special Permission for Android 13

I tried open my apps builded apk this morning from phone android 13 And work again. So my internet connection was bad last night make data from Google sheets not retrieve and stuck. Thank for your advice, you're great :pray::pray:

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