[FREE] GestureDetect - Recognize Swipe Up/Down/Right/Left and DoubleClick

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i have created an extension for Detecting Gestures like Swipe Up/Down/Right/Left and DoubleClick , Single Tap , Long Press

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it is too easy to use. you just have input a Arrangement in Layout block.
something like that

and then, you will be available to use all event.

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aryan.gupta.GesturesDetector.aix (10.5 KB)

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hope you like my extension. :thumbsup:


Wow very useful extension
:star_struck: :partying_face: :+1:

The link to the aix file is:

The same with the other two.

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Check now @Anke

Please provide an example aia project for this extension, the current descriptions (or lack of) do not make it clear how it should work.

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please read again it is too clear and any Developer can easily understand by reading my Topic's Title .

OK. What does a developer put as a layout ? (add a picture of the blocks ???)
Can this layout (whatever it is) be changed on the fly to another "layout"?

These things may be obvious to you as the creator, but not so obvious to others wanting to use your extension. A good description and example will help to avoid "questions"....

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done! @TIMAI2

Well done :+1:

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Are you talking about the same extension or did you change packageName?
I see this:

yes i have changed

Here is an simple example (which you should have provided):

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Will it work on the underlying arrangement if this is full of other components e.g. buttons/labels etc. and you swipe across those ? Or do you have to leave space at the edges and get the user to swipe there (this would be expected as default behaviour on most recent devices)

yes, it will work

and can it only be applied to standard arrangements (vertical/horizontal) or also to the scrolling arrangments and other components e.g. label ?

it can only works with vertical and horizontal. how can you recognize that user has scroll or Swipe.

it only for layout(Arrangement) that's why i have created this block with layout input

You could swipe a vertical scrolling arrangement left or right......

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no , because sometime when you swipe left / right on a vertical arrangement . it starts scrolling . if you didn''t focus at this so , try and let me know what you observe

I tested it. I put various components on the non-scrolled arrangement. Buttons, text boxes, labels, checkboxes. Gestures work on components that are not touch sensitive. In my case, it only worked on the label and on Image if clicking is not selected. It does not respond to buttons, text boxes, lists. So if the whole page will be filled with buttons and e.g. a text field. The gestures will not work. You have to leave a blank space for gestures.