Help needed displaying images from a local internal storage folder on a tablet

I would like to display full screen images from a folder on my tablet and then use swipe gestures to navigate to next and previous images.

I am unsure how to get started on this so I need docs/guides to the following -

  1. Select a local folder.
  2. Get the first image/oldest.
  3. Display the image full screen.
  4. Swipe gestures (left, right, up and down).
  5. Moving forward and back through the images in the folder in reaction to swipes.

Would appreciate any links regarding the above.
Thanks in advance.

No big deal, use a swipe extension and the File component or one of the file extensions (TaifunFile / FileTools to list the images from the folder. Then display images in an image component and increase/decrease the index depending on whether swiping left or right.

Another method: