[FREE] EIDE - Extension IDE create your extension on Android

Hello everyone as we know extensions are the most important for developing apps in App Inventors. But have you ever seen a extension builder which works in Android? Answer is No. Now I'm introducing EIDE a extension development IDE which can easily build extensions.

It's simple and easy & free. Just install EIDE from play store & start developing extensions. Now no need to use a PC.

Why use EIDE?

  • Easy-to-use interface and very fast
  • Works on devices from Android 5
  • Advanced code editor with customizable features
  • Code auto-completion for streamlined coding
  • Effortless compiling with real-time feedback
  • Enhanced security with ProGuard obfuscation
  • Simplified library management for seamless integration

Download EIDE:

Note: Storage permission is required to run this app as it doesn't use ASD.

Why you are waiting? Start coding.

Owned by,
Al Shahriar.


Moving to App Showcase, this is not an extension.

Is the app built with AppInventor ?


I don't think it was made with App inventor...



Why does an application need permission to access files? The application saves files in ASD and we do not need permissions there.

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i will try to implement ASD in next update

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Apart from that, it's a very nice and ambitious project. I understand that we can't use libraries that use java8 expressions?


in this time i just keep it on java 1.7.
But the compiler can compile also java8. And i still working on this project.

I will make it usable for everyone in the next update

And if you need any special requirement let me know {mod edit] use the private messaging service here on the community

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  1. Does it support multi-component and helper blocks?
  2. You can add Kotlin language support. (Java 8 desugaring will be required)
  3. Provide availability for non-package related Java classes to be added to the final AIX.
  4. Does it have proguard features?
  1. No, helper class you can't add on this time. But i will implement it next update.
  2. I haven’t any idea about kotlin, so i can't implement the kotlin compiling system on that. And java 8 also available in next update
  3. Non package class noted for implement in next update [ thanks for reminded it]
  4. Yes proguard is available, but you can't edit rules

ASD implemented now its work without any permission

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Since the last update, your app function finally perfectly. It´s great to program ai2 extension directly on Android !

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I'm trying to make an extension that temporarily hides and disables the recent apps button and practically change the home buttons target app to my app. Like the All&G Service(If you know it). Plus disabling the back button too.

How can I create this extension?

The IDE I'm using is EIDE from Play Store. Which is probably an acronym for Extension IDE.

I changed your post category.

And I don't think it's possible.

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Why is it not possible?
I don't understand why because I only have a little app programming memory which was a big failure.

Plus I still don't know how to use Android Studio and I am still struggling for it to get my test kotlin app compiled.