[FREE] Country Picker Extension

Short description

Country Picker extension shows a dialog with country name, flag and dial code. After selecting the country from the dialog returns selected country name, code, flag, and dial code.

Shows country picker dialog with dialog properties customization.

This works on a JSON file that contains country data of 246 countries. You need to upload Country.json (27kb) file in your app assets. No need to upload additional country flag icons since the JSON file contains country flags as emoji.

Picture of all the blocks


Instructions to use extension

Shows the country picker dialog

Event raised when selected country from country picker dialog.

Returns the country data from Json file as Json string, to use the json for other purposes.

Get all list of country, code, flag and dial code as separate lists to create your own custom country picker dialog.

Properties blocks to customize dialog properties.

Sample Blocks

  1. Default Theme


  1. Light Theme


  1. Dark Theme



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AIX CountryPicker.aix (16.8 KB)

JSON Country.json (26.9 KB) (Upload to your app assets)

TestApp5.aia (96.8 KB)


This won't work in Companion.
This will not work with App Inventor Classic Theme


I know it's fun to make extensions and we can do all extensions 2 or 3 times, but I don't know if it makes sense... Before making another extension, could you check if an extension with similar functionality already exists?

There is no country code picker extension available, apart from one by Deep Host (who is an unreliable developer, rarely answers supports questions), and this one.

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Did you checked on the community?

Someone has tried to make an attempt, instead of motivating, you making feel others not to contribute the community. Really disappointing from power users.

I don't think DeepHost is an unreliable developer. I think we have more unreliable developers in our community who post extensions here and then don't maintain them and then we have more work to do. I have often used DeepHost extensions, they work and are often updated if required. DeepHost simply chose a different way of distributing extensions so as not to waste time responding to people who cannot use the simplest extension.

So, this is the reason of making this extension. Except Deep host extension there is no other country picker extension.

And Deep host don't support in community, so making this extension makes sense I guess!!!

Some related links:

There is huge difference in my extension and guides you posted.

I had idea of making this extension from below topics which suggests to make extension:

@Gordon_Lu Thanks for the idea.


You sure?

I tried reaching out to him a number of times, and my emails simply got ignored. Many people tried as well.

Deep Host extensions don't even follow the naming conventions (they rarely do), when advised numerous times. Why?

To download his extensions, you need to download an app. That is only available for Android phones. He never posts his extensions in communities (only 2 or 3 threads that I can think of, not in this community).

He isn't even a member of App Inventor Community. The last time he posted something in any community was 4 years ago, in Kodular Community. Yes, his extension should not 100% malfunction - that's a disaster. But be careful when anyone uses his work.

Does your extension work offline?

Yes, it does.

Since it works on Json file which needs to be uploaded in the assets, it works offline.

Ah, so not a self contained extension, requires external resources.

I could have done it within the extension but the flags can not be included in the code, as country flags are emojis.

So, I decided to use Json file.

I think this is a good extension, cuz when you're trying to make apps where users can choose their own country, this is a simple and useful extension :wink:

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