[SUGGESTION] 🗺️ Country Code Picker Extension!

Want to have some fun? Here is a suggestion for all extension developers.


A country code picker displays a list of countries and their country codes and national flags in a spinner-like popup, like this.

Recently I found a fancy library that does this thing.

Or you can look up for your own.

There was, a country code picker extension by Deep Host, but that requires downloading an app, and we cannot guarantee whether their extension works because he usually does not support them. Hence, I am putting this suggestion here.


I have seen this before, what I mean is a list of countries.

The user used a JSON file to store countries, but I am thinking about a spinner dialog of countries that can display country flag images. ListViews can display images, but I am thinking a spinning dialog of country codes.

a DialogAny extension and dynamic component extension plus dictionary/json can do this county code picker.


That could be.

I'm not sure if the JsonTextDecodeWithDictionaries need internet connection. If it doesn't, your suggestion could be valid.

Using dictionary blocks with json uploaded to assets and icon flags also uploaded to assets no need for internet. Don't look at UI for now :slight_smile:


It's really a great idea, about 2 months before I had the same idea and planned to make new extension for this and also found the same library you have, but it's not possible to make extension with this library, as it uses so much of XML stuff, i have found one more library and I'll start working on it after 19 March(as it's the last date of my examination)