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What do I put for procedure?
Web1.GotText did not work and I think leaving it empty would cause a runtime error.

Here is one of several examples of a got_text procedure which can be found in this thread


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You have to put there a procedure name that will be called, it will have the same values as the Web1.GotText event:

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Still not receiving any notifications from the NotificationStyle extension :thinking:.

It does not make sense to set the responseContent parameter like this...

First get something simple running, for example periodically send a notification. After you got that running successfully then try again a more complex example



You should be using the new modified notification style extension, which one are you using?

Version 1

However I have Android 10, so this version should work. I'll update anyway, and try some other things for now.

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Doesn't work like that. AppInventor version causes that error, not Android version.

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I updated the extension, and these blocks do work:

However Button2 did not stop the notifications. Do I need to also use Clock1.TimerEnabled to False to stop it?


Nice, use StopTask block when you want to stop a service outside of it.

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Oh, okay. Thank you!

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I want to create a reminder app that can send notifications even when the app is in background for different date and time inputted by user which are saved in tiny DB and want to know what I am doing wrong here please help.

I have been able to create the difference between the required date and time and current system time in milliseconds to put it in latency in create tasks it would be a great help if you could take a look @Kumaraswamy

You are using Kodular... please ask your question in the Kodular Itoo thread ItoO - Background Tasks [special] 🥳 - Extensions - Kodular Community


Hi! I can't find the "Create with trigger" block. Is it still available? If yes, can it be used in the background?

Hello, please upgrade to the version 2 of Itoo, and try to do the same with the App Inventor blocks first :) and try to read the topic examples and tips.

Moreover, you may not be able to directly use the Tiny DB in background (there are replacement blocks available in the newer versions)

Okay thank you for responding I will try.

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Hello, sorry if this has already been asked, I have searched the forum and could not find the answer.

I am trying to put up a notification every 60 seconds when the app is not focused or when the app is closed. My blocks are attached, what am I doing wrong?

I am using the latest extension download from this page.

Thanks in advance.

In the first post of this thread there is an example about how to send a notification every second.. just set the timer interval to 60000...


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Some time ago I bought his AlarmManager extension from @Taifun and I confirm that it works perfectly, in fact it gives the possibility to set an alert even when the app is off. But now I ask you, what is the difference with this Itoo extension?

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Hi engineer I also have the same problem, as long as I am in the program, there is no problem, but when I close the program, my program does not work anymore My program works like this all the time Opens the page For example http://electronic-control-darya.ir/door/Amoali1341.php?ok=ONN2 And the value it returns is compared, if it is not correct, it gives an alarm. My problem now is that I want this program to work if I exit the program. Thanks

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