Fomatted Listview

I have been searching the forum but I can't find a simple option to format a listview to improve its appearance, and to allow me to open another screen with the selected value in the list. I would be grateful if someone could guide me. Regards

You can use the AfterPicking event and the Selection property to open other screen whit the selected value:

For the appearance you have extensions such as:



Thanks for your answers
Listviewplus has the problem that it doesn't have a block to retrieve an answer when you click on one element of the list.
I have tried using CompCreator extension but I had problems. I can run the examples but I can not do an app with the last extension version
Thanks a lot

What problem did you meet?

Do you mean the built-in AfterPicking event from the ListView component?

I find this error: The operation RegisterArrangementForClick cannot accept the arguments: , [0], [1]
I used the metricrat example METRIC RAT AI2 - ListViews with CompCreator ; it runs properly but after I changed the extensión, for the last versión cn.kevinkun.CompCreator-v8.6.aix doesn`t work
I uploaded the aia
bugcompreator_copy.aia (40.6 KB)

Compcreator provides its own click event/handler now, so you can use that instead of the separate click event extension.

I don´t find it in the Version: 8.6

I have changed the oldfashion blocks ( set for SetValue), deleted the click event extension, but I still find this error: I am not able to run a simple example...

I attached the aia.
bugcompreator_copy (1).aia (36.5 KB)
I can see an option block on click, but could show me an example how to use it? Its not the same that normal onclick blocks.
Thank you

From the first post here:

use the helper blocks, do not write the component type manually, it's case sensitive.

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Thak you Profile - Kevinkun - MIT App Inventor Community, now it works properly.
If you allow me, could you give me an example of how to use the event on click? I have read the instructions but I don´t underestand it properly. I need get the value of the list to open another screen with the data selected.
Thanks again
I attached
compreator_simple_example.aia (36.6 KB)
the aia with the simple example in case it can be useful

the document has descripted very clear.

Hi Kevikun,
I tried, but I can't find the blocks necessary to follow your example.
I show you where I am

Tnanks for your help

make sure you are using the newest version.

or you don't know how to add a param to the procedure? just click the blue gear on the procedure, and you can rename it to what ever you want.

Hi Kevinkun
I have the problem I din´t know the option input in procedures blocks
I have arranged it, as you showed in the example.
But I found the error in the image

compare your blocks with mine carefully.
the arguments need a list.

Thank you Kevinkun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Now it works fine!!

Almost it's complete, but I can't avoid have the text cut. Please see image

Any help? Thanks